Things Video Inspection Can Reveal

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Paying for video inspection of sewer lines can reveal loads of useful information for every homeowner.

Structural Damage to Pipes

One of the most important things that a video inspection can reveal is the possibility of structural damage to your sewer pipes.  Obviously, it would be very difficult to visually inspect for breaks or collapses since these pipes are located underground.  However, with video inspection, an accurate assessment of the physical condition of the pipes can be done.

Regardless whether you have clay, steel, or other types of piping material, many of them would be susceptible to rust and corrosion, except for PVC pipes of course. Majority of piping materials are designed for an effective service life of 50 to 60 years at the most.  Snaking these pipes to remove obstruction can be dangerous if there are structural damages existing.

Heavy Materials in the Sewer

Homeowners are not conscious of the fact that sewer lines running underneath driveways are susceptible to damages not only from the heavy concrete surface above, but also from cars and other vehicles that use the access area. Video inspection will reveal if there is any portion of the pipe that is being crushed by the weight above it.  This technology will also provide an accurate account of where the line actually runs to make detection, repair, or replacement more relevant and less costly.

Normal Wear and Tear

What goes into the drains of your home will have an immense effect on the functionality of your sewer lines.  This means that excess food, grease, oils, and even harsh chemical cleaners can damage the integrity of the pipe lining. Video inspection will allow you to detect the normal wear and tear the sewer lines experience and make the necessary repairs before the problem gets worse.  Undoubtedly, grease that clings to the pipe linings will eventually accumulate and harden causing obstruction in the line.  You can avoid this with the help of video inspection technology.

Orangeburg Piping Lines

For homes that have been built before 1980, the most common pipes for sewer lines were Orangeburg pipes.  The composition of these pipes was mostly tar paper, which means that they are not designed for long-term usage. Orangeburg sewer lines are known to collapse and disintegrate in the long run, which can create unwanted plumbing problems.  The repairs of these lines can also be very costly, but with video inspection technology, you can avoid dealing with these costly issues by resorting to the proper solutions to the problem. We recommend video inspection of sewer lines at least twice a year to ensure proper monitoring. Call Tustin Plumbing today for video sewer inspection that is reliable, fast and affordable too!

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