Key Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

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Over the years the lining of drain pipes will be coated with grease, sludge, grime, and other waste products, hydro-jetting is the best way to remove all of these to restore the functionality of your system.

Advantages of Hydro-jetting

The inner coating of pipes should remain clean to maintain its efficiency in preserving the smooth flow of wastewater from your homes.  There are many sources of the dirt that can accumulate around the pipe lining, all of which can lead to blockage.  There are some unique advantages why hydro-jetting comes highly recommended by professional plumbing services.

  • Safe for all types of drainage
  • Maintains cleanliness of drain pipes
  • Prevents unnecessary growth of bacteria and health risks
  • Relies only on pressurized water instead of harsh chemicals and cleaners
  • Works on all types of obstructions including tree roots
  • Faster and easier to performer
  • Cleaner and more affordable method in cleaning and clearing of pipes

Comparison of Methods

There are commonly three acceptable ways to clean or clear drain pipes of dirt and obstruction.  These are with the use of a plumber’s auger, chemical cleaners, and hydro-jetting.  It is necessary to look into each method to understand why hydro-jetting poses the biggest advantage.

  • Chemical Cleaners – these are widely used to reduce the buildup of dirt and grime in your pipes.  The main shortcoming of these types of cleaners is that they do not work on all types of plumbing systems and blockages.  These types of cleaners are also known to emit harsh odors and damage certain piping materials.
  • Plumber’s Auger – this is a mechanical solution that has been established to work on all types of plumbing systems.  They are also effective in reducing huge obstructions, but not completely eliminating them.  The main drawback of this solution is that it can miss certain sections of the drain pipes and can also damage the pipe lining in the process.
  • Hydro-jetting –this technology can remove fragments of debris and dirt safely because it uses nothing but pressurized water.  This solution can also clean every section of the pipe as it removes the dirt on the lining as well as any obstruction.  The high pressure water can also be effective when dealing with grease and thick sludge material.  The power of the equipment can be calibrated to provide different levels of cleaning and clearing.

Cost Effective Solution

The use of hydro-jetting technology provides homeowners with a cost effective solution to their common drain pipe problems.  Based on our experience, the one of the most frequent problems encountered by an average home is the clogging of sewer and drain pipes.

This means that we can cut down the cost of your plumbing service and repairs by using hydro-jetting technology. Call Tustin Plumbing for inquiries and free quotation!

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