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Save Money with a thorough Leak Detection Service

Posted on: May 26th, 2014 by tustin-plumbing

If ever you experienced a sudden increase in your water bill, it is possible that some of your pipes are leaking. When you suspect that there is leak, immediately call the expert for a leak detection service. Do not delay this service to save your property from further damages.

Leaks will definitely happen in time. All you can do is to prepare for it like knowing the right company to call when the leak happens. It is also important that you identify the leak early so that it could not do any serious damage in your property.

Since pipes are important of your plumbing, it is necessary that you invest in the right materials on its installation and also ensure that the plumbers who will do the installation could offer high quality service.

After the installation, all you could do is prepare for the time that it would experience some leak. Make sure you get the service of well-experienced plumbers for leak detection so that you will be provided with various options for the repair.

Latest Leak detection System

It is very important that the contractor you choose for leak detection uses state of the art systems and equipment to find the leak fast. When you see that some water is coming out from your flooring or walls, it doesn’t mean that immediately the leak is there.

It is possible that the leak is about 10 meters away from the water accumulation in your flooring. It is hard to identify where the leak is without the right equipment since you could not see anything underground.

When leak detection is done the traditional way, it could result to unnecessary damages in your property. This is a common problem in most leak detection service some years ago since plumbers continue to create holes in the flooring without knowing the precise location of the leak.

It is good to know that there is now equipment that could help locate the leak precisely. The latest technology we have today in finding leaks help a lot in making the service more efficient and fast.

Advantages of Latest Leak Detection Systems

  • Better Accuracy – When it comes to dealing with leaks, accuracy is very important. It is necessary that a system is used that could pinpoint the exact location of the leak especially when it is under your foundation. This means less property damage.
  • Minimally invasive – Avoid trial and error method of finding the leak which results to a lot of property damages making the service more expensive and damaging on your precious property.
  • Comprehensive – Latest detection equipment could thoroughly check your entire piping system to identify any major as well as minor leaks. It is certainly important that minor leaks are also detected to prevent it from becoming a serious problem in the days to come.

A plumbing company could do leak detection service better if they utilize the right equipment and tools. This is why you need to determine if they are properly equipped to do the job. For your leak detection need, you could rely on Tustin Plumbing. We have been in the industry for many years so rest assured that we know what to do with leaks.

Getting Reliable Water Heater Repair

Posted on: May 26th, 2014 by tustin-plumbing

Even though the water heater you have at home is of good quality and with a reliable brand, time would still come that it will need water heater repair. As much as possible, it has to be done by professionals only to ensure that your heating system will not be damaged in any way possible.

In selecting a repair service, you need to ensure that you know the factors to consider. First is the age of your water heater and second is of course your budget. There are troubles in the heater that could be handled with various fixes but there are also times that it is better to have the heater replaced.

Time to Install a New Water Heater

If ever your water heater system has been working for you in about a decade already, it is quite obvious that its life span is already over and it’s time for a replacement. New models today are more efficient and durable. Plus, it could help you save energy affecting your electricity bill.

For heater which has been with you for about a year, go for its repair. The same as with other plumbing unit in your home, the water heater could also encounter issues that are best handled by professional water heater repair.

How Conventional Heaters work

To know if your water heater is experiencing some problem and to diagnose it properly, you need some information on how it works. This information could help you a lot when troubles in the heater happen.

First, the water tank is filled with cold water. The heating is managed by a certain heating component or the gas burner. A thermostat is used for setting the temperature to your desired level.

When the heating starts, a certain temperature builds in the tank. As soon as you open the faucet for hot water, some initial cold water would pass followed by hot water.

It is very important that your water heater system has a circuit breaker that would trip when some problems in the heating process are experienced like short circuiting and thermostat break.

When water heater doesn’t Work

The moment your heating system doesn’t work, you need to immediately check the circuit breaker. There might be someone who accidentally tripped it off.

If there is no issue in the breaker, the problem could be in the plug and the supply. Try to plug other appliance in the supply to check if it is good. When there is no problem in your supply, check all the wiring in your system for any problem in it could trip the breaker automatically.

After doing your own diagnosis and you could not find the problem, it is time to call the experts. They are skilled enough to do the diagnosis.

To ensure that the water heater repair service you get is reliable, only go for companies with enough experience in doing job. We encourage you to call Tustin Plumbing. We are confident in the capacity of our plumbers to find the cause of the problem in your water heater and deal with it fast.

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