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Things Video Inspection Can Reveal

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Paying for video inspection of sewer lines can reveal loads of useful information for every homeowner.

Structural Damage to Pipes

One of the most important things that a video inspection can reveal is the possibility of structural damage to your sewer pipes.  Obviously, it would be very difficult to visually inspect for breaks or collapses since these pipes are located underground.  However, with video inspection, an accurate assessment of the physical condition of the pipes can be done.

Regardless whether you have clay, steel, or other types of piping material, many of them would be susceptible to rust and corrosion, except for PVC pipes of course. Majority of piping materials are designed for an effective service life of 50 to 60 years at the most.  Snaking these pipes to remove obstruction can be dangerous if there are structural damages existing. (more…)

Key Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

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Over the years the lining of drain pipes will be coated with grease, sludge, grime, and other waste products, hydro-jetting is the best way to remove all of these to restore the functionality of your system.

Advantages of Hydro-jetting

The inner coating of pipes should remain clean to maintain its efficiency in preserving the smooth flow of wastewater from your homes.  There are many sources of the dirt that can accumulate around the pipe lining, all of which can lead to blockage.  There are some unique advantages why hydro-jetting comes highly recommended by professional plumbing services. (more…)

How to Keep Gas Lines Safe

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The repair and installation of gas lines can be guaranteed provided that Federal regulations are observed and only licensed professional plumbers do the work.

Preserving the Integrity of the Line

It is important to understand that gas lines have their own specific purpose, which is why they should not be used for anything else like free-form closets, clotheslines, and especially never grounding for electrical appliances.  It is also important to remember that:

  • Gas lines should be capped when appliances are disconnected
  • Periodic safety inspections must be performed by licensed professionals
  • Corroded gas lines should be replaced immediately
  • Corrosive environments around gas lines should be avoided


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